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Sunday: good news June 22, 2008

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We have found a place to move to, finally, and hope to be out of here by this weekend. Wish us luck.

Sorry I have not posted as often as I should and let me prepare you for what could be a sizable hiatus from my blogging. We will not have the internet turned on at our new place probably for a couple of weeks, maybe longer.

Evan is beginning to put words together, and imagine my embarrassment when he came up to me today and said “Tinky as” (stinky ass) to let me know he needed a new diaper. Please believe me when I say that he puts more words together than just that! We are very excited that he has started developing sentences instead of just repeating a word.

Lillith is becoming so very aware. She still sleeps a lot, as she should. But when she’s awake she watches us, and really interacts and seems interested in what happens around her. She bats at my hair when I hold her. Sometimes she gets a fist full of it and pulls. I put a stuffed rabbit on her today and she squnched up her body to get it closer and started trying to lick it.


Friday: recap June 20, 2008

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It’s been a pretty good week. Evan and I went to go visit Suzanne yesterday. I was so embarrassed when he found a crayon and drew all over the window seat in their playroom. Lucky for me Suzanne also knows the wonders of a Magic Eraser. I shared with her my knowledge (from experience) that a Magic Eraser removes permanent marker from LCD monitors, but not pen marks from oven doors. 🙂

Evan just loves going to their house, there are two kids to follow around the house, an extra baby to bring toys to and a while room full of things that are not off limits! (Toys! toys! toys!) I feel bad that every time we leave, he and the girls have dragged about a hundred toys into her living room. Okay, mostly EVAN. Here’s a picture of the prefolds she gave me, aren’t they pretty?

I didn’t do much housekeeping yesterday, I got up and played WoW. Brian was kinda happy when he came home from lunch and found me playing. Today I am undecided if I want to clean the bedroom or rearrange the living room. There doesn’t seem to be much point to trying to do the living room, since we’re hoping to move in the next couple of weeks. I think we’re going to go look at apartments today, and maybe this weekend. I hope we find something ASAP.

I ordered a book this week, and I’m still waiting for the earrings I got a great deal on. The woman who made them is on vacation until the 25th. The book is Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture. I got a really great deal on it, it cost me $6.50, and $4 of that was shipping. I found another book I wanted to buy called Pushed. You can read excerpts of it here.

This last one is not a good quality picture. Lillith reaches out for things, I swear she does it intentionally. Every time I put her on the sofa she starts batting at the fringe on the blanket on the sofa. She also seems to enjoy the activity bar on her bouncy chair and the activity gym I sometimes use to keep her occupied on the floor. Today Evan is playing with water in the sink again. I think we’re going to work on a small craft project later.

Snack today is fresh fruit salad. Done impromptu when I discovered that Evan had disrobed two bananas with no intention of eating them. It has the last two of our fresh peaches, bananas, green and red grapes, canned pears and pear juice, with a dollop of strawberry yogurt on top and some cherry juice. YUM!


WHEW, I’m back: Tuesday June 17, 2008

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Well Brian commandeered the computer this weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to make any updates. He stayed home from work yesterday also so we spent the day buying him some new pants that he’s needed for awhile, and grocery shopping. I spent the rest of the day catching up on the housework I didn’t get to do in the morning, and needless to say I was tired by the time 11 pm came around so I went to bed.

It’s windy today and I’m worried the wind will blow the laundry away. The plus side is that if the laundry can hang on to the line for 20 minutes it will be dry! It’s so nice to hang it out in the wind though, the coolness on the wind from the storms that are near, and the nice clean smell of the laundry causing dampness in the air smell wonderful. 🙂

Evan is crying for Brian. He misses him quite a bit around this time of day. He can’t ever wait for him to come home. Lilli is upset at the moment as well. I’m going to wrap up for now and go get her a dry diaper, and then I think we’re just going to sit down and watch The Lord of the Rings for the rest of the day, Evan is tired and I’ve got a ton of laundry to fold.

Yesterday I made a loaf of whole wheat bread. It was delicious. I think I’m going to make more. I’ve got a ton of white flour and cornmeal also. I have a feeling I’m going to be making a lot of bread in the coming days. I might ask Donnie if I can borrow my moms bread machine for the white loaves. Today for lunch Evan and I had some grapes, a nice fresh peach, a kiwi and a slice of our fresh yummy bread. And then he asked for chips, lol. 🙂


Friday: Place witty yet descriptive day-title here. June 13, 2008

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I figured I’d start writing this now, and I’ll just update it later. Evan and I haven’t gotten anything done yet today, and Lilli is still in bed, but I think she’ll be waking up soon. Time to turn off the computer and make a Fathers’ day card!

Suzann is adding more photos from yesterday. She got some of Evan too. Isn’t he just beautiful?!


Thursday: Lets go visit friends!

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This afternoon we went to visit my friend Suzanne. She is so wonderful, very giving and just about the nicest person I’ve ever met. She took some pictures of Lilli for me and they are beautiful! I usually prefer photos in black and white, but the lighting is just so spectacular that it’s just not the same without the color! She also gave me the CD of photos from Lillis’ birth, and I started crying when I saw them. It’s a wonderful gift to have these beautiful memories of the birth of your child captured on film. I wan’t to put some of the birth photos on here, but I’m not sure where I’m going to put them yet.

Suzanne also gave me a stack of pretty dyed prefolds that her son had outgrown and three Fuzzi Bunz. I was just looking at some Fuzzi Bunz last week and thinking about ordering a couple. I’ll have to get a picture of Lillith in these diapers, they’re just so darn cute on her. 🙂

For some reason I looked up “Lillith” on Wikipedia today and found something out that I did not know. I was trying to avoid biblical names, but apparently Lillith was the first wife of Adam, before Eve. God made Lillith from the same clay he used to make Adam. Adam wanted Lillith to be subordinate to him but she said she would not; she was made just as he was and, therefore, they were equals.

Adam was infuriated and Lillith left the garden of Eden of her own will. Apparently this made her a “demon”. Of course to the woman-hating men who wrote and twisted around the words of the bible, any woman who defies a man MUST be a demon, right? ;P Just very interesting, is all… What a perfect name for my little girl. She’ll be a woman who allows no man to walk on her.

I’ve been just loving my new clothesline to pieces. Finding the time to actually go outside and hang things on it is tough though, and I’m always worried that it’s doing to snap and throw our clothes in the grass… Thanks to the AC guy coming and not running hot appliances, it was still 79 degrees in here at about 1 pm. WOW!

Trying to pick the perfect birth photo to put here is just not possible, they’re all so great! None of them are particularly graphic, but there’s a lot of skin, so if you’re not into seeing a large woman half naked in labor, avert thine eyes!! MAN, I’ve got to figure out where to put these pictures, I can’t wait to share!


Wednesday: Lillibug is seven weeks old! June 12, 2008

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My precious little girl is getting so big! She’s 13 lbs now, only a three pound gain, but she is still bigger than most of the babies in her due-date club. It’s hard to pack on the weight when you weigh 10 pounds to begin with.

Evan woke me up with the usual “GIPPEE!” this morning. We didn’t get much done today, the usual dishes, picking things up, laundry. I filled in the hole we dug for the sandbox. We figure since we’re wanting to move soon for now he can just dig in the dirt pile and we’ll make the sandbox when we get to the new house. He doesn’t seem to mind, he just wants to dig!

I pulled out Evans old baby mattress and put it in the living room. That way maybe he’ll be more inclined to take naps or fall asleep at night watching Nani play video games. It hasn’t really worked but the kids do enjoy laying on it! I also got a picture of Evan on the potty today. He’s such a good boy. 🙂

I found this today, and I’m wanting to make my own. I’ll put up a picture of it when I’m done. 🙂

Sorry this post is late… I had it written last night and then Lilli fall asleep before Brian went to bed, so I actually got to go to bed at the same time! Woot!


Tuesday: Trash Day! June 10, 2008

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Not much happened today. Mostly just chores. I hung a clothesline, something I’ve been wanting to do since it started getting hot. I dread washing clothes because of how much the dryer heats up the house. The AC guy came by today and gave the unit a shot of freon. We turned it off last night since it was nice and cool, and that seemed to help it out a little. I can’t imagine what our electric bill is going to be this month. Uhg!

Lillith was up until 2:30 this morning, and then, of course, Evan started whining at me sometime around 9 for me to “Gippee!” which is how he says “Get Up!” Asking him to go play with his toys for a half an hour and then Mama would get him a cookie didn’t help any, lol. It’s just “Gippee, gippeeeeeee!” until I gippee so I got up. Then of course, he remembered that I offered him a cookie… *sigh* what a nutritious way to start the morning.

Lillith pooped in the toilet today, a new first! I’ve gotten her to go in the little potty before but never on the toilet. I was so proud, and Brian thought it was great, one less poopy diaper and no potty to clean out. We’ve been doing pretty good catching a few pees during the day. I’m still just trying to catch the easy ones and let the diapers handle the rest. Evan did pretty well on the potty today too, he only missed once but he was close, he just didn’t get seated in time and peed all over his potty-step instead. lol. Poor guy, he was so upset. The lead up was hilarious, he was standing next to his book shelf and his bear was sitting in his reading chair. Suddenly I hear him say “No! PAHDEE!” and he grabbed the bear and ran down the hallway. When I got to him, the bear was on the toilet and Evan was peeing on the floor. Goodness, you know you’re a mom when your blogging about your kids’ potty time tragedies and triumphs. ROFL.

I forgot to write yesterday that Brian got a pretty bad cut at work, right on the crease of his pinky finger. It’s bad. He needed stitches, but of course, he refused. I guess I don’t blame him. So we washed it with peroxide and slathered a ton of Neosporin on it and then bandaged it up. It hurt just to look at it while I was cleaning it, ouch! Every man in my family has cut off or nearly cut of all or part of a finger. I don’t want Brian to do the same thing. I always worry he’ll get seriously hurt, but oh well, at least he’s happy with what he’s doing. That’s more than can be said for his old job at Trane.

I’ve got a lot to do this week. I still haven’t called to get an appointment for Lillis’ six week pictures, and she’ll be seven weeks tomorrow. Oh well, I guess we’ll make it an eight week portrait. On Thursday afternoon the kids and I are going to go visit our friend Suzanne and her three little ones. Evan loves hanging out with other kids. Suzanne may be taking some photos of Lillith for me then, and I hope I can get her birth pictures on the same day. Evan and I also need to make Brians’ Fathers’ Day gift, and something for Nama Nani (Grandpa Donnie) too. Then on Saturday Donnie and I are going out to lunch with my Grandmother for a triple celebration: Grandmas’ birthday, Fathers’ Day, and his and moms’ anniversary. We’ve done stuff like this several times since mom died. We’ve got a nice casual picture of her that we like so we got it blown up and framed it. Every time we celebrate something we “take her with us” so she can celebrate too, because we know she would have wanted to be there. It’s a great way we’ve found to remember her in a positive way, instead of only remembering the end. I still have a really hard time looking at pictures of my mom. I miss her so much.

The only picture I got of Evan today was this one. He was supposed to be showing me his teeth after bath time, but he just looks mean! That’s my evil little boy. This is one I got just now of Lillith. Looks like she might let me get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. Thank goodness!