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Sunday: Grocery day June 9, 2008

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 4:33 am

HEB was crowded today, but not as bad as it’s been before. Three different people stopped and talked to me about our kids. A couple of ladies were looking at Lillith in the produce aisle. Another lady was talking to Evan in dairy, he looked grumpy and he’s got a large owie-booboo on his knee where he bumped into the iron. I think he enjoyed the attention, and she was really nice. And the cashier was admiring my ring sling and asked where she could find one to buy for her friend who is expecting a baby any day now. I love it when people notice our beautiful children. And I really love it when someone is turned on to baby wearing after seeing us.

Brian and I have been talking about making flash cards for Evan to help him learn his letters, numbers, shapes and colors. I started working on them yesterday. If they turn out well I might make an extra set and see if I can sell them on Etsy. Oh! And I got my first sell today! Someone bought one of my patterns. I’m falling so behind though, I’ve got a whole box of them I need to get listed! *sigh* Here are the flash cards so far:

Evan has been doing really well with the alphabet. Sometimes he can remember two or three letters in a row, but mostly he just repeats after us. He is starting to pronounce things better. However the words he already knows but doesn’t say the right way, he isn’t correcting. Donnies name is still “Nani” Daniel is still “Nano”, Odin is still “Odah”, and Astrid is still “Alla”.

Speaking of Odin, he’s a silly cat. I managed to get this picture of him yesterday. Look how fat he is now! Astrid is hiding so I can’t get a picture of her just now, and the kids wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to get any good ones of them today. It’s so wonderful having $200 photo editing software, and a $20 camera! HA!


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