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Monday: back to work June 10, 2008

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 1:44 am

I’ve been trying, for about three weeks, to work out the kinks in my chore schedule. I’ve figured out that having set things I need to do on certain days help me to keep up. For instance: tomorrow is trash day, therefore today I need to clean out the refrigerator and the cat box. Easier said than done when you’ve got two kids.

Today we went down to Donnies’ house to look at some pictures he had developed. He found some film in my moms stuff and wanted to see what was on it. One of the rolls was when my mom took Evan and I out to take pictures last year during bluebonnet season. She went into the hospital for the first time shortly after these pictures and I never got a chance to ask her what happened to them. Seeing how skinny I was has inspired me to work harder to lose this baby weight. I hope I can have some of these scanned to add here soon.

After Donnies’ house Evan and I came home and went outside to play. He had a ton of fun. 🙂 Look how cute he is!


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