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Tuesday: Trash Day! June 10, 2008

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 11:55 pm

Not much happened today. Mostly just chores. I hung a clothesline, something I’ve been wanting to do since it started getting hot. I dread washing clothes because of how much the dryer heats up the house. The AC guy came by today and gave the unit a shot of freon. We turned it off last night since it was nice and cool, and that seemed to help it out a little. I can’t imagine what our electric bill is going to be this month. Uhg!

Lillith was up until 2:30 this morning, and then, of course, Evan started whining at me sometime around 9 for me to “Gippee!” which is how he says “Get Up!” Asking him to go play with his toys for a half an hour and then Mama would get him a cookie didn’t help any, lol. It’s just “Gippee, gippeeeeeee!” until I gippee so I got up. Then of course, he remembered that I offered him a cookie… *sigh* what a nutritious way to start the morning.

Lillith pooped in the toilet today, a new first! I’ve gotten her to go in the little potty before but never on the toilet. I was so proud, and Brian thought it was great, one less poopy diaper and no potty to clean out. We’ve been doing pretty good catching a few pees during the day. I’m still just trying to catch the easy ones and let the diapers handle the rest. Evan did pretty well on the potty today too, he only missed once but he was close, he just didn’t get seated in time and peed all over his potty-step instead. lol. Poor guy, he was so upset. The lead up was hilarious, he was standing next to his book shelf and his bear was sitting in his reading chair. Suddenly I hear him say “No! PAHDEE!” and he grabbed the bear and ran down the hallway. When I got to him, the bear was on the toilet and Evan was peeing on the floor. Goodness, you know you’re a mom when your blogging about your kids’ potty time tragedies and triumphs. ROFL.

I forgot to write yesterday that Brian got a pretty bad cut at work, right on the crease of his pinky finger. It’s bad. He needed stitches, but of course, he refused. I guess I don’t blame him. So we washed it with peroxide and slathered a ton of Neosporin on it and then bandaged it up. It hurt just to look at it while I was cleaning it, ouch! Every man in my family has cut off or nearly cut of all or part of a finger. I don’t want Brian to do the same thing. I always worry he’ll get seriously hurt, but oh well, at least he’s happy with what he’s doing. That’s more than can be said for his old job at Trane.

I’ve got a lot to do this week. I still haven’t called to get an appointment for Lillis’ six week pictures, and she’ll be seven weeks tomorrow. Oh well, I guess we’ll make it an eight week portrait. On Thursday afternoon the kids and I are going to go visit our friend Suzanne and her three little ones. Evan loves hanging out with other kids. Suzanne may be taking some photos of Lillith for me then, and I hope I can get her birth pictures on the same day. Evan and I also need to make Brians’ Fathers’ Day gift, and something for Nama Nani (Grandpa Donnie) too. Then on Saturday Donnie and I are going out to lunch with my Grandmother for a triple celebration: Grandmas’ birthday, Fathers’ Day, and his and moms’ anniversary. We’ve done stuff like this several times since mom died. We’ve got a nice casual picture of her that we like so we got it blown up and framed it. Every time we celebrate something we “take her with us” so she can celebrate too, because we know she would have wanted to be there. It’s a great way we’ve found to remember her in a positive way, instead of only remembering the end. I still have a really hard time looking at pictures of my mom. I miss her so much.

The only picture I got of Evan today was this one. He was supposed to be showing me his teeth after bath time, but he just looks mean! That’s my evil little boy. This is one I got just now of Lillith. Looks like she might let me get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. Thank goodness!


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