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Sunday: good news June 22, 2008

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 10:43 pm

We have found a place to move to, finally, and hope to be out of here by this weekend. Wish us luck.

Sorry I have not posted as often as I should and let me prepare you for what could be a sizable hiatus from my blogging. We will not have the internet turned on at our new place probably for a couple of weeks, maybe longer.

Evan is beginning to put words together, and imagine my embarrassment when he came up to me today and said “Tinky as” (stinky ass) to let me know he needed a new diaper. Please believe me when I say that he puts more words together than just that! We are very excited that he has started developing sentences instead of just repeating a word.

Lillith is becoming so very aware. She still sleeps a lot, as she should. But when she’s awake she watches us, and really interacts and seems interested in what happens around her. She bats at my hair when I hold her. Sometimes she gets a fist full of it and pulls. I put a stuffed rabbit on her today and she squnched up her body to get it closer and started trying to lick it.


One Response to “Sunday: good news”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    have a good move! If you need any help moving let us know… we could us dh’s truck 🙂 we will be camping this weekend though so I won’t be available after friday 🙂

    I know.. camping in this heat.. we’ll regret it I’m sure LOL

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