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Long-Overdue Updates August 14, 2008

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Thank you for the inquiries into the FFS 1980 model year male, however, the offer has been withdrawn due to a sudden appreciation in value of the product.

Evan minus curlsIn all seriousness, things are going pretty well around here. My oven still doesn’t work and it’s driving me nuts since I’ve got a billion things I’d like to bake (like a birthday cake for you-know-who) and no oven to bake it in. I’ve been wanting to make a pie or some cookies for our downstairs neighbors since we moved in, but can’t. Boy don’t we look unfriendly.


We’re doing well, Evan is suddenly talking very well, it took him long enough. Now he actually says his name instead of calling himself “Yaya”. Oh yeah, and Brian cut off his beautiful curls, now he looks just like every other little boy. Lilli learned to roll over last week. A full three weeks sooner than Evan did at that age. Now just as soon as she gets upset for whatever reason, she’s rolling over so she can look around the room and aim her criticism directly at me. She’s doing very well, though, almost four months old and last time I weighed her she was about 17 lbs.

Brians’ work has a savings plan for major yearly expenses, like school supplies and the holidays. He’s been putting into his fall savings four a couple of months now, and we’re getting that money back tomorrow, and using it to buy another air conditioner for the front part of the house. We’re both very excited about this. We’ll have a much larger living room and I’ll finally have a place to work on my projects and sewing stuff that I actually enjoy.

Toy spaceI’ve also started going to garage sales with my grandmother on Saturdays. Last week I bought Evan about a dozen books, half a dozen shirts, I bought Brian a shirt, myself a shirt and skirt, a vacuum cleaner, a new bag for toting diapers, a salad bowl and a glass and wood cake holder for $16. This week I’m looking for an entertainment center, possibly a dresser or two, any shelving I can find, and, as always, more books and clothes for Evan. We decided instead of spending our fall savings on buying new clothes for Evan that he won’t be able to wear for long anyway, we’ll just hit some garage sales.

I started the pictorial tour of the house with Evans’ toy space, in the hallway. It’s easiest to clean, believe it or not, so here it is. Please Ignore the naked Evan in the photo.


One Response to “Long-Overdue Updates”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    aww.. his poor little curls 🙂 he looks adorable though. Love the play space! I’m looking for shelving at garage sales this week too.. it seems like I can’t get enough storage in the school room.

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