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Monday: Is it better yet? September 29, 2008

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Well I talked to Brian, and that didn’t work, and I was miserable, so I did what my mother always did to Donnie when she was upset with him… I wrote him a letter. Letters are easy, you can take the time to say exactly what you want to say, you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything in the heat of the moment, and the person recieving the letter can keep it to look upon in posterity, so they won’t forget what you have to say. At least if they do, they’ve got no excuse. The effect was slightly ruined by Brian coming home early to find me sitting in the living room writing a letter. Then he had to sit there while I finished it, and I had to hand it right to him. Talk about awkward, but it helped and I don’t feel so overwhelmed now. 🙂

Anyway, everyting is going fine, I’m trying to get my own computer set up in the other room, closer to the living room, and we’re about to go watch our daily dose of ER reruns while I fold the laundry.



Thursday: Exploring September 18, 2008

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Well… lets see… Last night I made lasagna, and while we were eating our downstairs neighbor came over for a minute. She says she’s at home alone all day and suggested we shoudl spend some time together. Evan and I went down there around 11 but she didn’t answer, so we walked across the street to talk to some other of our neighbors that I’ve been wanting to talk to since we moved in. They seem nice enough, but they make me feel a little strange. I’d like to talk to them some more and figure out why. I’m pretty sure they homeschool, and they’re probably a lot like me, but it always seems that when I find someone who doesn’t think I’m strange for having un-vaccinnated kids, one of whom was born at home, then they think I’m strange for some other reason. Like because I cuss, or I’m not religious, or I watch too much TV or we eat too much junk food. I constantly feel like I can’t fit into either side and Evan suffers for it. I really really want him to hang out with other kids and be able to go to the park and stuff. Thinking about it makes me sad. I guess I’m going to have THE TALK with Brian, yet again, today and try to impress upon him how important is it that Evan gets out of the house. Poor little guy. we haven’t been to the park in over a month. 😦 It makes me so sad, I know he needs more stimulation than this, but it’s very hard for me to get out of the house by myself, and it’s like pulling teeth to get Brian to help me with anything. 😦 He is going to regret missing this time when we are old.

Je suis si très triste. Il grandit quand je ne regarde pas.


Still sick… of being sick. September 16, 2008

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Yeah, you heard me right. We’re still full of snot over here. I’m pretty tired of it.

Lillith is almost crawling. She can scoot all around the bedroom floor. She crawled out of Evans’ toddler bed last night and wriggled over to me and started chewing on my night gown while I was rocking Evan.

I’ve been cooking more good food and less junk. I went shopping alone this weekend. It took my three hours to do with both of the kids, but I got just as much, if not more food than usual and I spent $120. Of course I also bought several things that I don’t normally get, like diapers ($8) and toothpaste ($5.50) etc… I spent $22 on produce alone. I also found some BEAUTIFUL turkey breast fillets that were $.99 a pound, so I bought the whole stack of them. We’re going to be eating a LOT of turkey. For lunch yesterday Evan and I had a turkey breast sauted in basalmic vineagar with some chopped green onion and mushrooms with rice and corn on the cob. Last night I made Kona chicken with rice and fresh squash. Tonight we’re having steaks in a portobella mushroom sauce with either baked potatoes or twice-baked potatoes. Mmmm.. this cooking thing is a lot of fun, even in my shitty kitchen.


Monday… uh I mean… TUESDAY! Alright! September 2, 2008

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Thank goodness for three-day weekends.

Well first we all got sick, and then, on Friday, I screwed up the computer. And it took Brian two days to fix it, and then he didn’t let me touch it for another two days. But now I am back again.

Poor Lillith finally came down with whatever gunk we had, but it’s such a great thing that she nurses, since she got over it in about two days and Evan and I are still fighting off the leftovers. What a wonderful thing breastmilk is.

Even though I felt like crap, I still went to the yard sales. I had invited my dad to go along with me this weekend, and then didn’t have a chance to tell him that we were all sick. Lo and behold he showed up on my doorstep at 8:30 Saturday so I went ahead and went out for awhile. Mistake. I spent 45 minutes at the end trying to get him to take me home! I left the kids at home and my boobs were killing me and I was leaking milk all over my shirt. Oh it was awful. Never again will I leave the house either without the kids or witout going in my own car! But it was a sucessful yard saleing experience. I scrapped the build a complcated toy kitchen idea for now, when I found a cute little toy kitchen for $2 at the Lions’ Club sale. A little work with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it look like new. I’d still like to find him a fridge since the toy kitchen is a little small. I told Brian that it’s kinda perfect though. He has to cook like mama: no cabinet space! I got a little stool that I can use when I’m rocking the kids in the rocking chair, and Evan can also use it to help him get on the potty, although he seems to prefer climbing on it himself. I bought a lamp and a couple of tools for my dad. And to go with Evans’ new kitchen I bought him a dish set for $1.50 and a sturdy metal canister set for $.50.

To round out Evans’ kitchen I just gave him the coffee pot he’s been playing with, since it fits perfectly on his toy coffee maker. I also gave him the baby food spoons I had since we don’t spoon-feed around here anyway.

Hang on, muffins are done…

Mmmm… muffins. So easy… so yummy…