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Still sick… of being sick. September 16, 2008

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 1:24 pm

Yeah, you heard me right. We’re still full of snot over here. I’m pretty tired of it.

Lillith is almost crawling. She can scoot all around the bedroom floor. She crawled out of Evans’ toddler bed last night and wriggled over to me and started chewing on my night gown while I was rocking Evan.

I’ve been cooking more good food and less junk. I went shopping alone this weekend. It took my three hours to do with both of the kids, but I got just as much, if not more food than usual and I spent $120. Of course I also bought several things that I don’t normally get, like diapers ($8) and toothpaste ($5.50) etc… I spent $22 on produce alone. I also found some BEAUTIFUL turkey breast fillets that were $.99 a pound, so I bought the whole stack of them. We’re going to be eating a LOT of turkey. For lunch yesterday Evan and I had a turkey breast sauted in basalmic vineagar with some chopped green onion and mushrooms with rice and corn on the cob. Last night I made Kona chicken with rice and fresh squash. Tonight we’re having steaks in a portobella mushroom sauce with either baked potatoes or twice-baked potatoes. Mmmm.. this cooking thing is a lot of fun, even in my shitty kitchen.


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