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Thursday: Exploring September 18, 2008

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 12:45 pm

Well… lets see… Last night I made lasagna, and while we were eating our downstairs neighbor came over for a minute. She says she’s at home alone all day and suggested we shoudl spend some time together. Evan and I went down there around 11 but she didn’t answer, so we walked across the street to talk to some other of our neighbors that I’ve been wanting to talk to since we moved in. They seem nice enough, but they make me feel a little strange. I’d like to talk to them some more and figure out why. I’m pretty sure they homeschool, and they’re probably a lot like me, but it always seems that when I find someone who doesn’t think I’m strange for having un-vaccinnated kids, one of whom was born at home, then they think I’m strange for some other reason. Like because I cuss, or I’m not religious, or I watch too much TV or we eat too much junk food. I constantly feel like I can’t fit into either side and Evan suffers for it. I really really want him to hang out with other kids and be able to go to the park and stuff. Thinking about it makes me sad. I guess I’m going to have THE TALK with Brian, yet again, today and try to impress upon him how important is it that Evan gets out of the house. Poor little guy. we haven’t been to the park in over a month. 😦 It makes me so sad, I know he needs more stimulation than this, but it’s very hard for me to get out of the house by myself, and it’s like pulling teeth to get Brian to help me with anything. 😦 He is going to regret missing this time when we are old.

Je suis si très triste. Il grandit quand je ne regarde pas.


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