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Monday: Time Flies October 28, 2008

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I know I promised I’d say something about our skating experience two weeks ago, and I’m just now getting around to it.

We went Sunday evening. Family night admission is $3 before 3 and $1 after. The skate rentals are only $2, if any of you are interested. Evan seemed to enjoy it. We got him size 9 kids skates and they seemed to fit OK but he was more intersted in watching everyone around him than his feet! Brian was a good sport and tried, but he says he’s never been able to skate so he didn’t really enjoy it. He had fun being out with us though, it seemed. Brian got Evan out on the floor, but they couldn’t move. Brian couldn’t hold onto the wall AND Evan, so they came back. Then I took Evan out, but it’s hard to hold yourself up, and a two year old who doesn’t care if you drag him around the rink. Besides that it’s been more than 10 years since I had on a pair of skates.

I went around the rink a couple of times alone, and I dragged Evan around once. He’d lock his knees out in front of himself and watch the people go by, while I did my best to push/drag him and not let his skates trip me. We’re thinking about buying him some Little Tykes skates and trying again in a few months, but in the meantime I might start going alone every now and then for the exercise. Man my legs got SORE while I was out there. After the second time, though, it got easier. I forgot how much WORK skating is! Brian said he really doesn’t have any interest in skating, and I told him that’s a real shame since it’s so much fun once you learn.

Lillith can sit up easily now, and pull up to standing. She still isn’t really crawling, she just does a little army crawl that looks like she’s just dragging herself along the floor. It’s pretty cute. She has climbed onto her bouncy chair a couple of times. She gets scared that she might fall and starts crying, but that doesn’t stop her from climbing on it in the first place. Her little tooth is starting to poke up more now. We’re going to get some pictures done soon, I promise. They are both so beautiful I’ve no idea how we got so lucky as to have two gorgeous, wonderful children. They are so much fun!

Evan is picking up lots of new words and talking a lot. His thing lately is “same thing!” only he says is “sahbahm.” He had cereal in an orange bowl last week and I had water in an orange cup. He brought his bowl over and started pointing at them. “Sahbahm, mama. Sahbahm!” This morning he found two cartons of yogurt in the fridge. While I was getting some for him, he brought the other one to me. “Sahbahm, mama! Veegaht! YAY!” He says “too” on the end of everything that he wants or wants to do. “Pahdeetoo, mama!” or “Caneetoo” “Ahgahtoo” “Byebyetoo!” He’s started saying “Go home” and “stay here”.

I think we’re still getting him a drum set for  the holidays. I also happen to know that my grandmother is gettimg him/us a VCR/DVD player and a set of tapes from National Geographic, some of those pocket diapers that I like for Lilli and a digital camera for Brian and I.

Well I’m going for now. I’m working on a new post series about what we would do if we won the lottery.


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