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Monday: Marooned November 10, 2008

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Well, Brian has a work trip. They’re doing some work in Dallas until tomorrow night, so I’ll be all alone with the kids until then. I had planned on spending a good deal of time at my grandmothers’ house, especially today, but plans abruptly changed this morning. We got the kids up, and in the car, as planned. I dressed them in long pajamas for bed last night so that I wouldn’t have to dress them this morning. We picked up

Uncle Donnie

Uncle Donnie

Uncle Donnie, who is also going on the trip to Dallas. (Brian and Donnie work together. Those two are the best thing that ever happened to Jacobs-Cathey.) We stopped for coffee  and <duck> cigarettes, and then on to the shop. One of their co-workers was already there.

Brians and Donnies tools were in the trunk. Thanks to our old roommate slamming the trunk and destroying the popper-button-thing, opening the trunk now nessecitates turning the car off so that you can use the keys to open it manually. So I get back in the car and try to start it….. nothing…. Again… nothing… just the click of the battery trying to deliver power that it doesn’t have.

ARGH! I can feel Brian warming up to full panic mode already… Brian get cables out of trunk, co-worker pulls truck over, cables are attached, second co-worker shows up.

Full-panic-mode begins in:





It took more than an half-hour, of re adjusting cables, cleaning terminals and such before the car finally started again.

We already knew there was enough wrong with the car. Something about a pulley, a belt and a spark-plug spring or something, plus we’ve killed the battery once before. On our trip to Houston, the A/C stopped working and it started doing this funny (obviously not ha-ha funny) thing at higher speeds where it can’t decide which gear to use or how fast it should run. We just bought the damn car, not even a year ago.

Anyone want to contribute to our “Fix the @#$%& Car” fund?

I’m so sick of car trouble I just want to puke. We bought this car because the last one was 14 years old and too much trouble to fix. I’m ready to ditch cars altogether and get a bike and one of these. I just don’t know what we’re going to do about that car…


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