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Wednesday: This Day in History November 12, 2008

Today is our third wedding anniversary! Woot! You know, even when he drives me nuts, and though sometimes I just want to break his neck, I’m glad I married Brian. When we’re not irritating each other, we’re great together. We’ve got similar beliefs, we think similarly, have common interests, and are pretty good at playfully poking fun at one another. I love my husband, we’re perfect for each other. I love him even when I’m mad at him. Happy Anniversary! WOO HOO!

We stayed up last night playing games together. If you want one that will piss you off, but waste plenty of time (since once you start, you don’t want to stop) try The Impossible Quiz, by Splapp-me-do. Brian and I got to question 80-something and I finally got pissed and gave up, after at least an hour. After that we tried Bloxors by DX Interactive, which is a lot of fun, despite how boring it sounds. Yes you are a brick, you roll and flop around on platforms and try to fall into a hole. No, it isn’t as dull as it sounds, just try it. We made a good team, Brian moved the brick around and I told him how to get through the hard parts. I think I may play some more today.

Lillith cut her second tooth yesterday. Brian felt it when he got home. I can’t believe that every time she gets a new tooth, it happens on a day that I just didn’t happen to get bitten by her. Evan is doing great. We’ve started using Starfall. He enjoys learning the sign language alphabet.

Well I’ve just learned that my grandmother has been in another car wreck. I’m gonna wrap this up for now, it’s time for my family to circle the wagons and I’ve got to call my brother.


One Response to “Wednesday: This Day in History”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Congratulations! Just seems like yesterday to me….Again, Congratulations!

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