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Monday: The new and the broken November 24, 2008

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Well, we got our bed, and it’s great. It’s so big, I feel like a queen when I lay on it. Lots of space for all of us. I can finally put Lilli down and get out of bed without waking her. Our new sheets are nice too. 500 thread count, super soft, and very pretty. Our bed looks like a real bed now.

But, the car broke on Saturday. At least now we know what’s wrong with it. The alternator belt broke. That explains why it hasn’t been starting right, why the A/C stopped working on the trip to Houston, could explain why we needed a new battery last week, and that squealing noise it’s been making. We were going to take it to Donnies brothers’ shop, but Brian has a buddy at work who’s going to buy the part for us and see if he can put it on this afternoon. That should save us a bit of money. Once that is fixed we can figure out what else is wrong with it and go get that fixed too.

FYI, if any of you have a Nissan, take your car to Certified Auto Repair at 900 Wooded Acres. He’s fair and he knows what he’s talking about. He knows everything about anything when it comes to Nissan. The first place we took the car when we started having trouble with it told us that it was the timing belt and air compressor on the AC, both of which are very expensive fixes. Turns out it’s just the alternator belt (which also runs the air compressor, which explains a lot.) and a spark-plug spring or something.

So anyway, if we cross our fingers we might have our car back today, which is a big relief. I’m glad that we hadn’t filled it up with gas before it broke.

Yesterday Brian and I put the kids in the stroller and walked up to Supermercado La Providencia to get some groceries. It was a nice little walk, but the prices there are nuts. One notable one was a bag of cereal Brian wanted, normally we pay $3.50 – $4, but it was $6 there. The do have a great produce section, but we weren’t there for produce, just the basics to get us through the week that we’d be able to carry home. I told Brian about my idea to ditch the car and get some bikes and a couple of trailers. He laughed the way he laughs when it’s a laughable idea, but a good idea too. Maybe we’ll work on it.

So, updates on the kids. Evan is talking very well now. He puts many words together to make sentences. He’s definitely two though. He always says he’s hungry and wants grapes, but never eats them. Lillith is crawling very well now. She can stand and transfer her hands from one object to another while standing. She doesn’t fall as much.

Well that’s it, I’ve got to start cleaning up the house. Brians’ mother and Granny are coming over for Thanksgiving so I need to get the dining room back to looking like a dining room, and not a storage space!

“Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.”


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