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Tuesday: The Dark Side of cloth diapers December 9, 2008

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 4:07 pm

Okay… I admit it, my prefolds smell funky and my pocket diapers leak horribly. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to strip them. Anyone who has held my Lilli the past couple of months and held your tongue about how stinky her diaper was, bless you, but you should have told me. I guess it took me awhile to get past the denial. So I’m in the process of stripping them right now, a pain, but anything is worth getting that smell out of them and making my pockets work right again. I’m sorry if we offended your nose.

Suzanne if you’re reading, do you want to go halfsies on two bags of Charlies soap? Orders over $20 get free shipping… What do you use for your diapers?

In other news, Lillith popped out her fourth tooth a couple days ago and has slept much better since then. Thank goodness, it was getting pretty bad. She can also crawl backwards off of the bed now so she doesn’t fall and bump her head. It took Evan a little longer than that, but in fairness we didn’t really have a real bed that he spent any time playing on until he was eight months old, so he didn’t have as much time to practice, or as much motivation to learn to not fall.

Evan is doing really great talking. It’s like a light bulb turned on it his head or something. Last week Brian asked him if Evan wanted him to carry him up the stairs, and Evan said “No Daddy, I walk! Doit myself.” He says “doit myself” to just about everything. He also loves wearing his dragon costume areound the house all the time, and usually wants to sleep in it too.


2 Responses to “Tuesday: The Dark Side of cloth diapers”

  1. Sultana Says:

    Hi. I found your blog when I did a search for cloth diapers. BTW – I LOVE the name of your blog 🙂

    It does sound like you need to strip your diapers. To avoid having the “stinkies” and non-absorbancy issues in the future, you may want to try switching detergents if you are using Charlies. Charlies has proved to be very problematic for some people – causing burns on the babies and causing buildup. Some other detergents that work well with cloth diapers are: Country Save, Allens, Ecomax, Mountain Green – free and clear, Nature Clean, Nellies, Oxy-Prime and Planet.

    If you have any cloth diapering questions, I would be happy to help. You can find all my contact info on my site at: http://www.simplewondersdiapers.com

    Happy Diapering 🙂

  2. Sunsong Braun Says:

    Thanks for your input. I stripped my diapers yesterday, like the post says. I was undecided between Charlies, Nellies, Allens or Country Save, but figured I’d start with Charlies since it seems to be the easiest to get ahold of, not to mention cheaper. Allens is $30 for a 75 load box, but Charlies is $14 for a 80 load bag. Go figure. /shrug
    I figured I could do a double rinse with the Charlies and hope for the best. For now I bought washing soda and Simple Green. Well if I could find any Simple Green without having to go to Wal-mart.
    Thank you for your visit, and I love comments!

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