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Tuesday: Picturefest! December 30, 2008

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That’s right, I can’t seem to stop taking pictures. I feel horrible that we have almost no pictures of the kids from this year, and I’m prepared to make up for it now. Did I mention how much I love my camera?

So Brian comes home yesterday and says right off “Get dressed, Mr. Buddy! We’re going to the park!” and we did. I was stunned! We didn’t stay long because it was already getting dark, so we took Evan out to eat to make up for it. Brian plans to take us to the park everyday this week. So anyway, there were a bunch of older kids there. They all piled into the little school-bus on giant springs, and Evan was right with them, cause he loves other kids. He wasn’t prepared when they started shaking it, because this happened to him. 😦 —>

I felt so bad when I saw it. Brian had Lillith in the swing and she was giggling like a maniac so I was getting some video of that. Then I hear Evan behind me yelling “Nonono, stopit! Stopit stopit!” I turn around and he’s standing about fifteen feet away from the other kids on the bus and yelling at them to stop shaking it. We noticed the black eye when we put him in the car. At least it doesn’t seem to bother him, and he didn’t cry or come running for me at the park, so he probably thinks it was just another bump on the head, like all the rest.

Well before we went to the park yesterday I ran to the post office to pick up my packages. I got the cute diaper cover that Donnie got me for Christmas, and the books that I ordered. I finally got the things I was looking forward to for the holidays. Well, here’s a picture of Lillis new diaper cover, after it’s maiden voyage last night. And then some pics of the kids at the park last night.


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