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Thursday: the past on my mind March 26, 2009

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The night before my mother died, the nurse in the room next to hers was singing. It was November 13, a bit early for Christmas songs, but the sang them anyway.

I can’t stop thinking about this today. I was pregnant, vainly pursuing sleep in the chair in the corner of her room. Occasionally I’d look up and my mother would be awake, despite the high doses of sedatives and painkillers she had been given to help her sleep through what was coming the next morning. And then out of the blue, a woman was singing “Silent Night”. My mother loved Christmas songs and woke when she heard it. She stayed awake the whole time the woman sang. I sat in the corner, watching her. There was a battle in my head. I wanted to go hold her hand, to talk to her for one of the last times. I also knew how badly we all wanted her to sleep and stay asleep through… the inevitable, and I didn’t want to keep her awake. So instead I sat in the corner of the room, in my chair, tired and crying. My mother and I shared our last significant moments alone together in that room that night, listening to this womans’ beautiful voice as she sang to her patient.

I want to thank that nurse. I don’t know who she was and I wish I had gone to her to thank her personally, but I didn’t want to leave my mother. The best I can do now is to hope she sees this. Thank you for singing. Thank you for singing, in the darkest of dark nights in my life. Thank you for bringing a smile to my mothers’ face one last time. You will never know how grateful I am to you for that.


Wednesday: Recent projects March 25, 2009

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100_1653The pink shirred sundress is finished, and here is Lilli, less-than-pleased about modeling it for the benefit of the camera.

Also is included a picture of Evans’ completed dino t-shirt, and a similar dino design on a bag I made for my neighbors’ boy. I don’t usually post photos of things I make for other people, but I had to do this one. It’s just so darn cute!





Monday: Sneak Peek March 23, 2009

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100_1618-1100_1617100_1615-1My first attempts at scultping, shirring, and fabric that will become a shirt, another dress and Mei Tei.


Saturday: My Dad… There are no words March 21, 2009

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fnl-36-29So, I’ve blogged before that my Dad is an extra on Friday Night Lights. This week he had quite a bit of good face time, even a close and quick zoom of him. I can’t embed the video here, but my Dad has it on his Myspace and I can link to the video on Hulu.

The first one is only a couple of seconds into the clip, and the second is right at the end so don’t blink!

If for some reason you can’t see the video, or don’t have time, I took some screen shots. 🙂 enhanced, just a little… He had a few more moments on the screen, but I’ve taken the two best ones here.

Here’s one at 36:29: (pictures edited since first post, when I realized I could get better quality if I view the vid in High res. 🙂 )     – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – > —-


And the good one with the zoom at 38:27. Seriously, just look at the video… It should be clipped to the relevant parts for you. 🙂 It’s about two minutes long.fnl-38-28













My Dad is so cool. 🙂



ETA: There’s another one that’s pretty good at 30:39. That’s him on the left.



Tuesday: DIRECT ENERGY SUCKS! March 17, 2009

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Well, it’s been a crazy week, just a bit.

Lillith has been sick, I mean like severly sick for more than 48 hours now. She started on Sunday morning with puking, and then a fever started at bedtime. The fever lessened a little bit by last night, and she’s starting to perk up, but now she’s puked again. My poor baby.

And then last week, Direct Energy disconnected our service. I officially hate Direct Energy. Here’s the whole story: When we moved here last June we chose direct energy because they could turn on the power in three days (as opposed to a week for TXU) and promised us a $100 visa gift card, which we were supposed to get with our first bill. After six weeks, there was no bill, two, three four months, nothing. We started calling them. We had no account number, since we had never recieved a single piece of paper from them. The first three months we called them we were told nothing, that we didn’t owe anything, our account was fine, and current. Finally, in November, when we called they revealed that they had a computer error that put all their new customers on “multi-month billing.” We were re-assured that a bill would come soon, although they couldn’t tell us when, or how much it would be. We were assured that their error would not cause problems for us, and we’d have as much time to pay the bill as it took them to send it to us. At the beginning of December, they informed us that we could go online and make “pre-emptive” payments to lessen the amount of the total bill. (Sure after SIX MONTHS you tell us that!) We tried to, but we still had no account number, so we couldn’t even log in. THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS we finally get our bill: $519.05 due JAN 2nd! The amount of the bill it’sef wasn’t that bad, not as much as I was expecting. But here it was the week before Christmas, and they wanted the whole thing by January 2nd. After christmas we called about our bill. They told us to figure out what kind of payment plan we could make and call back after the new year to set it up. I called back and offered $30 a week, I was told that was fine. Two days later we start getting calls from the COLLECTIONS department, to set up a payment plan. I informed them that I had already called to set one up, and they told me that they had nothing on record for a payment plan for our account, so I set up a new one. They then called EVERDAY for a WEEK saying the same thing: there was no payment plan on record and they were calling to set one up for me. Finally they stopped calling, although at this point I had set up a half-dozen different payment plans. So the day comes to make our first payment on the plan, and I must have been confused about which day it was, because I didn’t pay it until two days later. We have kept all of our current bills current, always paid on the day we recieved them. But I make the payment to our previous balance TWO DAYS late and they send us a disconnection notice. Nothing else happened. they continued to send our other bills as usual, no note on them about how the total balance was due. ONE MONTH after the disconnection notice, Encore somes out and shuts off the power.

Are you as irked as I am? They take SIX MONTHS to send us our first bill, yet we are penalized for being two days late on a payment THAT NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN LATE HAD THEY NOT SCREWED UP IN THE FIRST PLACE! I’ve gone to a place in town for help paying the bill, but their rule is they can only help with the most recent three months worth of bill. Unfortunately, we’re responsible people who keep our bills currrent and OUR PAST THREE MONTHS OF BILL HAVE ALL BEEN PAID ON TIME! Therefore we’re not eligible for help. In addidtion, Direct Energy refuses to send them seperate bills for our first six months of service, so they can’t even attempt to help us by adjusting our payments backwards. Pretty shitty, eh? Especially since we were told we’d have as much time to pay as it took them to send it to us, yet here we are three months later (NOT SIX!) scrambling to pay the whole thing at once. And, might I add, that by two months after recipt of the first bill, our total balance was less than $300. We’re actually AHEAD on our payments! BTW: We never recieved our $100 gift card promised for signing up…


Saturday: Now back to our regularly scheduled programming March 8, 2009

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Okay, so the past three days have been pretty busy, but not doing anything I had originally intended to do. Follows is a small list of the many things I had planned on, but did not achieve this weekend:

Make some bread
Make at least one dress
finish the apron I started in APRIL!
make rock crayons
Make a new tablecloth and some drop cloths

Tonight I did finally get to cut out the pattern I bought for the dresses. Now it’s so late, I don’t feel like sewing, so maybe this week…

My step-dad is getting married on Monday. I am so excited. 🙂 I made a little something for him, but I can’t post a picture yet, or he might see it.

I went out and bought fabric dye for some projects I have in mind, but didn’t get to experiment with them yet.

100_1117100_1122I know I had more I intended to blog about, but I can’t think of anything just now. Here is a sneak peek of the dress project:100_1120

The greens are a lot brighter than they look, and the one on the right in the green picture is actually a green silk, but the sheen makes it look kinda purply in the picture. Also, the detail is lost on the purple paisley in the last picture, but it’s really pretty. I’m mostly looking forward to what I can do with the blue circle fabric, I really like it.


Saturday: PANIC! March 7, 2009

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OMG, my harddrive just crashed! Thank god all the pictures are on the other one!

Now I’ll probably be away for a few days trying to figure out what caused all this foolishness and how to fix it! Wish me luck!

UPDATE: OK, whew! Restarting it didn’t do anything but unplugging it, opening it up and staring at it for 20 minutes seemed to do the trick.