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Saturday: PANIC! March 7, 2009

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 10:38 pm

OMG, my harddrive just crashed! Thank god all the pictures are on the other one!

Now I’ll probably be away for a few days trying to figure out what caused all this foolishness and how to fix it! Wish me luck!

UPDATE: OK, whew! Restarting it didn’t do anything but unplugging it, opening it up and staring at it for 20 minutes seemed to do the trick.


3 Responses to “Saturday: PANIC!”

  1. Kurt Says:

    That’s the spirit! Scare the hard drive! I’ll junk you if you don’t work right!

  2. Trisha Says:

    lmao…didn’t you know…that’s how the best computer techs fix them!!!

  3. Kurt Says:

    Sunsong – computer corrections officer: Now you know I don’t know how to fix you, but when I’m done, you’ll never work again. Get it together, tech pile! 😉

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