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Saturday: Now back to our regularly scheduled programming March 8, 2009

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 12:05 am

Okay, so the past three days have been pretty busy, but not doing anything I had originally intended to do. Follows is a small list of the many things I had planned on, but did not achieve this weekend:

Make some bread
Make at least one dress
finish the apron I started in APRIL!
make rock crayons
Make a new tablecloth and some drop cloths

Tonight I did finally get to cut out the pattern I bought for the dresses. Now it’s so late, I don’t feel like sewing, so maybe this week…

My step-dad is getting married on Monday. I am so excited. 🙂 I made a little something for him, but I can’t post a picture yet, or he might see it.

I went out and bought fabric dye for some projects I have in mind, but didn’t get to experiment with them yet.

100_1117100_1122I know I had more I intended to blog about, but I can’t think of anything just now. Here is a sneak peek of the dress project:100_1120

The greens are a lot brighter than they look, and the one on the right in the green picture is actually a green silk, but the sheen makes it look kinda purply in the picture. Also, the detail is lost on the purple paisley in the last picture, but it’s really pretty. I’m mostly looking forward to what I can do with the blue circle fabric, I really like it.


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