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Garage sales of Saturdays’ passed July 11, 2009

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 2:49 pm

100_2473Ok, so first, the’s the beautiful cabinets I found for the play room. I found them for $5, for BOTH! The picture doesn’t really do them justice, they are so nice! They hold all of our toys so much better then the shelf we were using before. That shelf is now kept on top of the cabinets and holds our books. Speaking of which, our collection was suddenly greatly expanded thanks to a gift from the parents of a high-school friend of mine. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Young! We love our new books!100_2474










My other great finds: A solid wood toddler bed: $5. 100_2476Replacing the hardware: $5.  Those are $80+ when you buy them new! Now the kids each have their own beds!

100_2477A top-loading VCR: $2.50, and it WORKS just fine! Not even any scratches on the front, like someone just put it by their TV and never used it. Very heavy, not made out of plastic like the stuff you buy nowadays. (Yes, that’s Return of the Jedi sitting on top of it. /duck. What can I say? It’s like Nerd Porn.) Please ignore my half-dismantled VHD/DVD player on top. It’s broken and I tried (unsucessfully) to fix it before I bought this one.

100_2478I also found this nifty chair for $1, and a little baby bed for the kids’ dolls for fifty cents! We also went to a church garage sale where a grocery-bag of clothes was $1, and there I hit the motherlode of wool sweaters. I’ve since made two diaper covers and one pair of longies from them, and still have lots left over. I guess I’ll probably get six pair of longies and maybe ten short covers before I run out of wool. My more recent obsession with wool and other fiber arts is juicy, fiber-loving fodder for another post entirely. I’ll probably write that one when I get the 4 oz alpaca and 1 oz bamboo that I’ve ordered in the mail.


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