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Saturday: Garage sales today July 11, 2009

Filed under: General — Sunsong Braun @ 2:18 pm

After not being able to make to the sales the past month-ish, I finally got to go today, although it wasn’t as great as the last time I went. The last time I went, about a month ago, was the best week ever!

So let’s start with this week. I got three books for the kids (including a vintage ET story book), two hats for the costume chest, two Harry Potter books, two exersize DVDs (because one day I might consider getting my ass back in shape, maybe…), a tiny roasting pan, a pretty serving bowl,  a toy high-chair, a wool sweater(!), a big strand of giand wooden beads, a wood “paper doll” puzzle, and some super cute dresses for Lillith. The kids aren’t in the pictures because they were so busy running from item to item that they didn’t have time to pose or model anything.

I’ll do a separate post for the things I found at previous garage sales, along with more pictures of the kids if I can get them still or in some sort of interesting action.



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