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Saturday: Fiber Porn October 10, 2009

100_3194I wanted a Lazy Kate, so I made one. 🙂 For those of you who don’t spin (that’s… all of you, I know) a lazy kate holds bobbins of yarn so that the spinner can twist (“ply”) two (or more) of them together. Most 100_3196purchased lazy kates hold only three bobbins. I went a little overboard. 🙂 Mine can hold seven bobbins, all of my drop spindles (so I can ply right off of them without having to transfer the fiber.) and a selection of singles wound onto bamboo sticks. That’s thirteen sets of singles for a thirteen ply yarn if you weren’t counting. (I can see my Dad cringing from here. I’ll bet he wouldn’t have let me build it at his house if he knew I was going to make it hold thirteen spindles/bobbins of yarn.)

Isn’t it beautiful?! I can’t believe I MADE that! Two pics there, one of it empty, and one of it loaded with all my spindles and rods to hold bobbins. And my one lonely bobbin of half-spun singles is on there too.

After I made it I looked up DIY/How-to lazy kate-building on the internet. Not a single one I found was made of wood. I can’t believe all the spinners using shoeboxes and knitting needles to hold bobbins when making this nice sturdy (and pretty!) one was so easy.

100_3191-1I plan to modify it soon with a tensioning device and wooden beads on the ends of the rods to hold them on. While I’m at it I’ll throw in a pretty picture of my nifty spinning wheel that was a steal at $50. My dad and I both are convinced it’s handmade, so I don’t know how difficult it might be to replace any parts I can’t fix. (Yes, that’s a paperclip supporting the orifice of the spindle, and a rubber o-ring holding together the flyer. Don’t laugh.) It needs some love (not to mention dusting) and a little work to make it run smoother, but it works, and it’s a dream for plying, if nothing else. I can’t tell you how much I detest plying with a drop spindle. Spinning on a drop-spindle I love, but the plying is just awful. That there bobbin is full of my first yarn. Trust me when I tell you that the yarn is prettier than that in real-life, and SOFT! I love my spinning wheel, and my new lazy kate. Now I just need more fiber!

Okay, time to exit fiber lala-land and slip some pictures of the kids in here. In fact, I’ll make that a whole seperate post. I don’t want to put pictures of the kids in a post called “Fiber Porn”. HA!